Autumn 2014

It’s been quite a while since I set this up, and now I’m working on setting up a wordpress site through instead of —  –so I thought I’d come over here and delete this site. But when I was about to do so, I felt a surge of affection towards this site as it is and couldn’t bring myself to demolish it. There’s something akin to an abandoned building about this site: derelict, empty, unmaintained, unoccupied, nothing here but a now cryptic exchange.  I like those kinds of places. This seems  apocalyptically surrealistic to me: sites are meant to have lots of content, lots of words and images and thoughts and connections. This site now comes to represent, for me, anyway, the other side of that: all that wasn’t said, wasn’t done, wasn’t offered: A poignancy that I want to honor. Maybe someday I’ll take this down, but not today.